Silver Songbird

A stunningly attractive, musically captive, talented half-elf bard!



Str – 12 (+1)

Dex – 16 (+3)

Con – 14 (+2)

Int – 12 (+1)

Wis – 10 (0)

Cha – 19 (+4)

HP: 20

Saves: Fort: +2  Ref: +6  Will: +3

Weapons: Whip, Longsword, Dagger, Shortsword

Feats: Skill Focus (perform), Weapon Focus (whip)




As you walk in to the tavern, you notice a handsome voice singing, followed immediately by a garish poster displaying the following:



For the First Time Ever

(for the public's private viewing pleasure)

The Bardic Beauty

Bringing Ballads Both

Perilous & Garrulous


The Ravishing & Riveting

(practically incriminating)

Silver Songbird


Artfully Adept In

Crowd Compelling

& Fortune Telling,

Thievish Trickery,

Knavish Nickery,

& Pocket Pickery.


And not a bad singer too!



Silver Songbird is the name the bard goes by, though no one knows his real name, and he either doesn't remember or chooses not to speak of it. A handsome half elf with a lilting voice, he is often found at one thing or another; a jack of all trades, an ace of spades, charming and mischevious to boot.

He doesn't speak much of his past, but he was born to a human mother and elven father. In his younger days, he was oft picked on and bullied due to his mixed heritage. He attempted to do the same back in retaliation and defense, but soon found out that he was far more gifted with his silver tongue and way with words, able to outwit and maneuver his way out of situation rather than muscle his way out. This trait stuck with him through adulthood, and resulted in his 'profession' as a bard.

Now, In his wanderings to seek his fortune and sharpen his blade and wit, he has stumbled upon the festival at Sandpoint, and remains looking for coin and fame, and possibly the start of some adventure to alleviate his boredom.

Silver Songbird

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