Str:10,Dex:16,Con:12,Int:17,Wis:14,Char:13. Hp:17 Ac:17 Initiative:+3 Fortitude:1 Reflex:3 Will:5 Feats:scribe scroll,toughness Weapons:longsword,dagger


Born to a noble family in Kyonin 145 years ago.My family are all practitioners of the arcane arts as am I.upon graduating from the magical academy i left my homeland to explore the ancient ruins of Varisia searching their depths for long lost knowledge.During my studies at the academy I learned that long ago my family released a great evil upon the world in their pursuit for arcane power I now strive to gain knowledge to destroy their mistake instead of letting the lesser races deal with it,that is why i search Varisia’s ruins for an answer to what the evil is and a way to defeat it


EJGA: Rise of the Runelords halafaxx