EJGA: Rise of the Runelords

Night at the Glassworks

Arodus 10th, 4708 (Wealday)

- Aegon awoke early this day to see sheriff hemlock and four town militia riding swiftly out of town. Shorty after a halfling servant of the The Rusty Dragon named Bethana Corwin desperately pleaded her story of the disappearance of her mistress Ameiko Kaijitsu. A note from Ameiko’s brother Tsuto tells of secret liason at the families glassworks at midnight last night. Feeling it would be prudent to investigate before rushing in the pathfinders try to gather more information and prepare for coming danger. But search of the premeater of glassworks seems unfruitful, so they make plans to return that evening.

- Aegon and Vladis head to the Goblin Squash Stables to peruse horses. It doesn’t take long for the pathfinders to glimpes the owners hatred for goblins. Deverin Hosk sports a large collection of mortified ears pinned to the rafters of stables.

Ear Collection Hosk offers to 1gp per goblin brought to him.

Legend of Shadowmist Hosk tells of the most magnifacient warhorse he has ever seen. He would have payed a kings bounty for the animal but traders who owned the animal were reluctant to sell. Hosk says they are traveling through Sandpoint farmland in search of suitable mare for Shadowmist

Caladrel and Taniv visit the The Feathered Serpent a local dealer of magical goods but find the store owner Vorvashali Voon lacking in stock. He is able to direct them to house of anicent books The House of Blue Stones and to the house of aged Varisian historian named Madame Mvashtis.

Makoa went to speak with Sandpoint’s resident Sage Brodert Quink. The odd man seemed more interested in the town’s ruined lighthouse then the questions about Kaijitsu family tree. But the old sage did say Ameiko had a half-elf brother named Tsuto.

After the sunny had set the pathfinders made their way to the glassworks for futher investigation. As before the windows and doors are shut up tight, so after Vladis breaks off a shutter (after three attempts at the door) and after Aegon breaks his leg (after three attempts to climb the roof) the pathfinders make it inside.

They find the glassworks in disarray and after few pitched battles they confront a large group of goblins in the furnace room. They manage to keep one alive as their search leads them into the basement.

To their shock they find Tsuto, Ameiko’s half-brother controlling the goblins. A well placed magic ray by Caladrel sends Tsuto aflight and uncaptured but they do manage rescue Ameiko.

It seems the adventure doesn’t end here for sea cave has more then just a secret entrance to the glassworks but a resently unsealed tunnel running straight under the lighthouse.


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Night at the Glassworks

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Night at the Glassworks

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Night at the Glassworks

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