EJGA: Rise of the Runelords

Enter Pathfinders

Arodus 7th, 4708 (Sunday)

The pathfinders arrive in Sandpoint after many days of travel to find the Swallowtail Festival has began. After much food, drink and socializing the priest Abstalar Zantus quiets the crowd for a closing pray with the bang of a thunder stone. This was also the moment the goblins attacked!

A large group of goblins have infiltrated Sandpoint and began reeking havoc during the festival. With their crude weapons and lit torches they began killing and burning all in their path. They might have suceeded if it wasn’t for the pathfinders in the crowd.

The pathfinders fight off several waves of goblins in till they head to the northgate to fight a mounted goblin on some sort of dog creature. This also resulted in the rescue of the young noble Aldern Foxglove. He thanked the pathfinders for their bravery and promised to reward them.

Arodus 8th, 4708 (Moonday)

After the goblin raid on Sandpoint the pathfinders find their deeds have spread like wildfire through the community of Sandpoint. Strangers seem to recognize them on the streets and in taverns offering them free food and drink along with thanks of appreciation.

- Aegon, Taniv, and Vladis seem to be sweeped up with the attention and spend the day enjoying the hospitality of Sandpoint’s citizens.

- Caladrel when looking for the towns history and finds the book shop The Curious Goblin he was able to secure a map of the hinterlands (can be found in maps). He also finds the history on the founding of the town of Sandpoint Sandpoint History and resent time dubbed The Late Unpleasantness.

- Makoa befriends Abstalar Zantus Sandpoint’s high priest of Desna. He helps aid the church in the healing of the wounded from the goblin raid on Sandpoint.

Arodus 9th, 4708 (Toilday)

The party spends most of the morning with Aldern Foxglove on a boarhunt, a reward for saving is life. Most of the hunt Aldern doddes over Aegon finding his fighting style both skilled and mysterious.

Later that day

- Vladis finds himself ensnared by the womanly wiles of Shayliss Vinder the daughter of Vin Vinder owner of Sandpoint General Store. Their romantic encounter is interupted by Vin where Vladis intimadates the Vinder’s into serving him some tea.

- Taniv is stopped in the streets by a desperate Amele Barrett claiming that goblin is her sons room. With some reluctance to risk his life carelessly Taniv enters the upper room of the Barrett residence to confront and slay a goblin leftover of the Sandpoint Goblin Raid. Even after Amele finds here husband has been slain by the goblin she is overjoyed that her son is safe and tries to reward Taniv, who graciously refuses.



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